Are You Getting
Results Like These?

“I doubled my income in the first year, and am very happy.
I’ve gotten
more organized and can’t wait to keep going.
Sign me up for another year!

– Jan Johnson, CFP ®
Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. / Manchester, CT

“My income is fabulous…I’ve already earned more
in the first quarter t
han all of last year!”

– Jacqua Miller
sSocial Equity Group / Santa Rosa, CA

If You’re Not Taking Home
At Least $300,000 Per Year
Perhaps It’s Time To Consider
Hiring Your Own Business Mentor

“Working with Max was one of the wisest business decisions I have made.
I am now asking for fees commensurate with my expertise and work.
My most recent financial planning fee was triple what I used to average

and my clients gladly pay it.”

– Scott Buttfield, CFP ®, AIF ®
Buttfield & Associates / Red Bank, NJ

“My fee revenue is up 34% for the year
as a direct result of us working together,
and my new introductory kit is golden!
Thanks for helping me fine tune my business.”

– Terry Sullivan
Raymond James / New Orleans, LA

“Last year was my best ever for revenue at $1 Million.
This year is shaping up even better with a 16% increase.
Last year I took the entire month of August off.
This year I”m going for 8 weeks…then 10!”

– Rick McMahon, CFP ®
Heritage Capital Advisors, LLC / Glastonbury, CT

“I just had my best month in the last five years
gaining two $5 million accounts
that I attribute to your
Big 10 Questions Every Client Is Thinking, Even If They Don’t Ask,
and my ability to explain it all in The 4-Step Initial Client Interview.”

– John Simonson
Morgan Stanley / Tucson, AZ

“I just made my biggest sale ever in this business.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to say that a couple of more times this year!”
Our work together has really transformed my practice,
and I believe will provide huge results as our team matures in the future.”

– Terry King, CFP ®, FIC
Thrivent For Lutherans / New Orleans, LA

“Many Advisors are down 30% in revenue for the year (2009) vs. 2008
so there may be a lot of seekers of your excellent counsel.  I’m having a record year!
(Note: It’s now 2013, and Randy is having another record year.)

– Randy Martin
RPM Investment Management / Atlanta, GA

“I”m having a great year, my best ever in fact,
with nearly $1 Million in revenue.”

– William Kring, CFP ®, AIF ®
Wealth & Pension Services Group / Smyrna, GA

Max Has Over 30 Years Experience
Helping Financial Advisors
Define & Achieve Their Highest Goals

“In accordance with the goals we set up,
I’m able to take Friday’s off this Summer, starting tomorrow!”

– Mike Curtiss, MBA, CFP ®
Envisioning Financial / Brownsburg, IN

“It’s one thing to write goals.  It’s another to see them come to fruition.
I’ve seen a 20% increase in business, and I like the introductory kit….impressive.
You’ve made yourself absolutely indispensable.
It’s very hard to engage in this program and not have it affect every area.
It’s great to have you in my life.”

– John Ager, CFP ®, CPA, PFS
Raymond James Financial / Charlotte, NC

“I just closed my Million Dollar Plus Case long distance from Texas.
The way you had me do my goals works W-A-Y better than just listing them
or only talking and thinking about them.  I was able to chip away at a few just because
they were foremost in my mind.  I always learn so much from our calls..Thanks!”

– Beth Marshall
Sigma Financial Corp / Ann Arbor, MI

“It’s truly amazing to see my goals get accomplished!”

– Dan Casey, CFP ®
Financial West Group/ Westlake Village, CA

You have had such a significant impact in my life.
I love living attuned to the possibilities, and reaching for them without fear.

There is no doubt in my mind that, without your guidance, I would not stand here today
as the proud owner of TWO ventureswith the opportunity to touch people in such a positive way.

This is an incredibly powerful way to live. Thank you for showing me the path.
(And yes, feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish!)”

– Abby Cain, Goldenwood Financial
Rock Bottoms Personal Fitness Training Studio / Asheville, NC

                “I can’t thank you enough for the years of coaching and guidance.
It was more than just creating a sustainable business model, you helped me create
a sustainable business/life model. That is coaching you just don’t get anywhere.

Your years of experience really shine through. My income increased 35% the first year,
and it continues to grow at a high rate. What’s more, my work/life balance has increased exponentially. The process and organization you teach is priceless.”

– Jeff Cashin, CFP ®
Fifth Third Bank / Raleigh, NC

“It’s always in my mind how our success is due very much

to what you have taught us and helped us with by having you
as our coach over all these years! Thanks again for helping us find happiness.”

– Mark Ravinoff, CFP ®
Sigma Financial Corp. / Detroit, MI

Would You Like Assistance Focusing On
What You KNOW Is Most Important?

Max Shows You How, Step-By-Step

“You do an exceptional job of providing advice.
You helped us focus in on different issues that were confusing,
and showed us how to manage the business more effectively.”

– Tom Dundorf
Family Wealth Partners / Charlotte, NC

Thanks for the session follow up and your concerns.
I’m doing great!…I know who my clients are,
and have figured out, with your help, how to reach them.

Had I stayed where I was, I’d have 1,000 clients by now and no time
to look for new clients or service the ones I had. Not my idea of success.
I am excited about my future in this business!”

– Debbie Cole
Benefits Advisory Group / Jackson, TN

Learn Time Management Skills And
How To Systematize
Every Aspect Of Your Business

“The systems, procedures and schedules you helped us develop
are streamlining our business and our lives more than we ever thought possible.
We are finally focusing more on what we enjoy doing,
along side our clients.’

– Mike Rautiloa, CFP ®
Sigma Financial Corp. / Ann Arbor, MI

“At first I thought you were kidding!…
Then, when I realized you were serious, my productivity immediately
went up 20% since implementing just one of your time management tools.”

– Jack Gregory, Branch Office Manager
Jefferson Pilot Securities, Inc / Los Angeles, CA

“Your systems and time management tips are the best.
Now my staff comes up to me and says,
‘Hey, you shouldn’t be doing that! Give it to me’…I love it!

– Ken Stone
Stone Financial Retirement Planning / Cincinnati, OH

“Your suggestions are well grounded with unexpected surprises. It’s amazing how
two simple and common sense tools can immediately reduce the feeling of stress.
Knowing there is a plan in place does wonderful things for the brain.
I am now running my business, rather than my business running me.”

– Teresa Carrelli, CPA
Carrelli Tax Preparation / Asheville, NC

“It (the creation of a customized business plan) miraculously worked!”

– John Sullivan, CPA
Ford Financial / Gillette, NJ

Could You Use More Confidence & Direction?
How About Less Stress In Your Life?

“I went through the 4-Step Interview Process anyway- and guess what?
They hired me on the spot – a Financial Plan for $4,000!
I feel like I’m getting more in touch with my life’s true work…

– Eric Gaines, CPA, CFP ®, PFS
Gaines Financial Planning / New York, NY

“Max, I am so thankful for you today.
You’ve given me the push I needed to continue pursuing what I know to be true.
I’ve gotten more done in the last two weeks than I have in the past two months!
I’m bringing in about $3 million a month.  All your great advice
literally makes me feel like a money magnet!

– Dennis Prout, CFP ®
Prout Financial Design / Traverse City, MI

“Max, I’ve just got to tell you… Since we agreed to start working together,
I have felt a tremendous amount of stress just melt away.
Even my wife noticed how much more confident I am.”

– Forest Birnel
Dain Rauscher / Fargo, ND

“I’m at 75% of my goal and I still have half a month left!
Now is when you slap the table and yell ‘ALRIGHT’!
I’m calling you my ‘Attitude Adjuster’ because I can FEEL the difference
in my ATTITUDE and I am certain my prospect/clients can too.

– Forest Birnel (Two Months Later)
Dain Rauscher / Fargo, ND

“My whole attitude has changed. We’ve already
gotten several appointments…It works!”

– Catherine Perry
Solomon Smith Barney / Chicago, IL

“There is very little downside to any of this.
Thank you again for opening my eyes to new possibilities,
and for helping me get focused.
For the first time in my career
I have a specific idea of what I want to do.
I have a new confidence, and I owe most of it to you.”

– Simon Jakowski
Oasis Financial / Palm Springs, CA

  “I always have a more positive attitude
and increased motivation after our sessions.

It’s great talking with you, I learn so much!

– Steven Herweyer
Economic Navigator / Albany, NY

Learn The Best Low Cost/No Cost Ways
To Add Real Marketing Muscle

“What I discovered half way down Page One of the Marketing Module
was worth your consulting fee for the entire year.”

– Cat Wagner, Executive Director
Hollander Asset Strategies / Calabasas, CA

“Thank you for all your help. You have certainly provided more time and assistance
than I ever imagined.  I’ve learned enough marketing from you, I could write a book!”

– David Blain, CFA
Blain Investment Counsel / Fayetteville, NC

“I am constantly using the tools and techniques you taught me.
Just this week I achieved a huge milestone in my marketing plan;
I did a ‘financial makeover’ and was featured in Money Magazine.”

– David Blain, CFA (One Year Later)
Blain Investment Counsel/ Fayetteville, NC

“Since I’ve been working with you, I’ve positioned myself in such a way
that I’ve had access to more Million Dollar accounts.”
“You are a blessing to our profession.”

– Tom McAuliffe
Linsco Private Ledger / Walnut Creek, CA

Sincere Selling Skills You’ll Love…

“Max, the 4-Step Interview process worked exactly as you said it would.
The client had their checkbook out before I had even finished speaking

– Jim Cannon, CPA/PFS, CMA
Cannon Financial / Cookeville, TN

“I opened the conversation with my $6 Million referral the way you instructed.
She wants me to manage her account as well as her mother’s and two sisters.

In addition, the same CPA has also referred another of his clients with a $10 million portfolio.
Thank you for all your help and guidance in these cases!”

-Darrell Armuth, CPA
Armuth Asset Management / Reno, NV

“I quoted my financial planning fee with confidence the way you taught me
and the replied, “When can we move everything over to you?”
It was very stress free, just like you said.”

– Katherine Waters
Waters Financial / Pittsburgh, PA

“I just got off the phone with my client.
At the end he asked, ‘So how do we get started?’…Just like you predicted.

I’ve been taking in so many new accounts, I haven’t even had time to do your homework!
This is good news, right?”

– Gary Mathews, PhD., CPA/PFS, AIF ®
First Affirmative Financial Network, New York, NY

“I have no doubt the work we did together helped prepare me for the
initial interview with my $8 million potential client. At the end of
the consultation he said, ‘This is exactly what I need.’ “

– Dalen Farmer
Lincoln Financial Advisors, Nashville, TN

“When I mentioned my fee, the client didn’t even blink”
We were competing against 3 groups, one of which his brother had recommended.
I was thrilled.  It’s the largest planning fee I have ever charged.
Thanks for all your great advice on this case.”

– Mike DaVigne
Securities America, Inc. / Phoenix, AZ

“Your response to the objection that our fees are too high is brilliant!
Every one of my people who were on the call said how impressed they were.
We have changed our entire approach, implementing many of your suggestions,
and have seen an immediate improvement.”

– Vic Roman
U.S. West / San Diego, CA

“Of all the approaches I’ve been exposed to from others, I like your,
“How To Obtain Pre-Qualified Referrals Who Are Expecting Your Call” the best.
I followed your process to a ‘T’ and can now say I am one of your clients
who has successfully doubled their fees!”

– Michael Burton,CFP ®
Everence / Fresno, CA & Soldotna, AK

“Anyone could benefit from the communication skills you teach.
I wish I had met you 10 years ago!”

– Richard H. Leigh, Jr.
Northwestern Mutual Life / Raleigh, NC

“Since signing on with you, I’ve been getting bigger and bigger clients.

– Stuart Seffrood
Seffrood Financial Services/ Warren, IL

“You were a big help with the Engagement Letter last week.
The client with substantial assets (whose expectations I managed as you advised)
sent me her deposit today!
Thanks again!”

– Mark Reich, CFP ®, CPA/PFS
Fee-Only Planning / New York, NY

Get One-On-One Advice, Mentoring
Personal Attention, Commitment & Wisdom

Directly From Max

“The time we spend with you on our calls is invaluable.
Thank you for all your insight and support.”

– Doug & Teresa Horn, CFP ®
Quality Financial Concepts / Maryville, TN

“I really appreciate your commitment to my success.
I can’t imagine any Business Adviser caring more about his clients.
(And you can quote me on that!)”

– Cliff Straub, CFP ®
Financial Lifestyle Strategies / Middletown, CT

You have an uncanny ability to break everything down
into simple parts and clearly explain it.

That’s why you’re The Nation’s #1 Coach!”

– John Smith (Really, that’s his name!)
Sammons Securities / Salt Lake Cit, UT

“You have a gift of presenting routine things with unique insights.”

– Paul Bergman, CFP ®
Ameriprise Financial Advisors / Cincinnati, OH

Advice You’ll Use
For The Rest Of Your Career

“Max is one of the most influential people to shape my business.”

– Jim Cannon, CPA/PFS, CMA
Cannon Financial / Cookeville, TN

“It’s been three years since we’ve worked together and
everything is working out exactly as we planned.”

– Lewis Thompson
Financial Freedom Group / Chicago, ILs

“Whenever I review the program we developed, I am very pleased.
The marketing materials you helped me create continue to be relevant.”

– Steve Waller
Stress-Less Wealth Strategies / Reno, NV

Do You LOVE Your Mentor?
My Clients Do!

“You are wonderful, and we love you to pieces!
Also, great marketing…Since our last session, I now have clients
out there working full time to get me in front of people.
I picked up a $3,000 planning fee and my first Million Dollar client!’

– Joan Masover
Iowa Progressive Asset Management / Fairfield, IA

“Max, your generosity brought tears to my eyes.
You are such an amazing human being and one talented man.
You have advised me with great wisdom and spiritual maturity.
Thank you so much, my friend!”

– Mike Beduze
Wealth Planning & Management, Inc. / Houston, TX

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work together with you.
In fact, we think it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.
We are very excited to be working with a great mentor like yourself.”

– Adam Finch, CFP ®
RFC Financial Planners / Ann Arbor, MI

“You have helped my practice more than I can ever thank you….”

– H.B. “Buck” Or
Orr Financial Services / Tampa, FL

“I owe you a big debt of gratitude for all you’ve done for me over the years.”

– Katherine Waite, CFP ®
Waite Financial Group / Hickory, NC

“Max, you’ve done more for me in the last three years than anyone else.
I wouldn’t be in the business today if it weren’t for you.
You are definitely a walking book of knowledge….Thank you!”

– Stuart Seffrood
Edward Jones / Brodhead, WI

You really are a first-class guy!”

– Luther Engler
Cadaret Grant & Co. / Nutley, NJ

I Get Excited Thinking About Helping You
Define & Achieve YOUR Highest Goals!
How Excited Are YOU About Your Future?

“I haven’t been this excited and energized about my business in years!”

– Rick Soennichsen, CFP
H. Beck / Santa Rosa, CA

“We’ve taken my business to a level I still can’t believe!
Thank you again for all you have done.
You really helped turned my business around.”

– Kathleen Adams, CFP ®, CSA ®
Waddell & Reed / Manhattan Beach, CA

“It’s exciting… I’ve been thinking non-stop about the potential here.
I’m so glad I have you! I can see that with your assistance, I’ll build a strong base
for my own business, and do it right, with my goals in mind. Thanks for all your support!”

– Janine Abernathy
Abernathy Financial / Annapolis, MD

“I can’t believe how I feel after defining what I want.
Once you start defining it, it just flows out of you….Let’s do it!”

– Jeff Peters
Retirement Resources / Bettendorf, IA

I Agree With Jeff…Let’s Do It!

Call Max Direct Today At (828) 232-4318
Or Email To Schedule
Your Free “Get Acquainted” Call

And Let’s Make The Next 12 Months
Your Best Ever!

“The Sooner You Get Started,
The Sooner You’ll See Results!”

– Max Bolka, Speaker, Author
33-Year Financial Services Industry Veteran
Financial Advisor Practice Management Mentor

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