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Success Is A State Of Mind:
Building A Foundation For Your Future


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Temporarily Sold Out Of Book Hard Copy
Purchase “The Keeper Of The Keys” DVD Below
And You’ll Receive An Email Containing 4x PDF Chapters Written By
Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Max Bolka & Deepak Chopra

Max is proud to join Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, and Deepak Chopra in
this exceptional book that teaches how to cultivate a successful state of mind.

These authors, along with 11 others, share their secrets and reveal
their remarkable insights on how to dream big, using the power of
your mind and spirit to achieve what up to now you never thought
possible! Filled with practical “how-to” advice, stories and tips, this
collection of interviews will literally “recession proof” your mind.
Start living 200% Success™ today!

In This Boundary Breaking Book

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Live 200% Success™ Of Life
  • “Recession Proof” Your Mind
  • Turn Crises Into Opportunities
  • Feel Great & Be Inspired Everyday
  • Use Your Thoughts To Create Energy
  • Define And Achieve Your Highest Goals
  • Exert Less Effort While Accomplishing More
  • Implement A Simple 4-Step Formula For Success
  • Change Your Perceptions, Interpretations & Results
  • Create An Attitude That Easily Transcends Obstacles
  • Tap Into The 85% Of Your Brain You’re Currently Not Using
  • Give Up Struggling And Naturally Become Happy & Successful

The Keeper Of The Keys (DVD)


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(Canada – Add $8 Shipping)

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The Keeper Of The Keys
is a hilarious and uplifting personal
movie chock full of wisdom. It stars celebrities Jack Canfield
(Chicken Soup For The Soul), Marci Shimoff (Happy For No Reason),
Dr. John Gray, PhD. (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus),
and a cast of experts, including  Max Bolka (Success Is A State Of Mind).

Adorable Michael Walden (Scott Cervine) is down on his luck. What he
doesn’t know is that things are about to go from bad to worse. Just when
he’s about to lose it all, success guru Jack Canfield appears on his television
and starts speaking directly to

In this entertaining and inspiring cross between The Secret meets
A Christmas Carol, the real fun begins as Jack and his gang descend
upon Michael.

“I’m going to send some friends to you,” warns Jack, “They’re going to
show you how to use The Keys.” Watch as a reluctant Michael first
becomes engaged and then empowered, as he learns how to begin using
The Keys
to take back control of his life and achieve the ultimate success.

Coping With Market Uncertainties:
What To Tell Investors Now
(Downloadable Links)


Everywhere you t
urn, consultants and the media say that you,

as a Financial Advisor, must stay closer to your Clients now
more than ever. “Solidify your existing Client relationships
or risk losing them”. But no one shows you exactly how…until now.

This Urgent Investor Update Meeting contains an Introduction,
Instructions, Sample Invitation, 24-Page Script and over
90 PowerPoint Slides
to visually reinforce your message. Use this
content rich seminar to go out and talk to clients in a group setting
confidently and intelligently, discussing what’s happening right now
in the financial world. This package is continually updated to address
your audience’s most pressing concerns.

Even if you don’t do seminars, the information contained
in this material has proven to be invaluable when speaking
with current and potential clients.
Bring in new clients by
taking charge and communicating at times when others are
afraid to contact them. Max shows you how, step-by-step.

Included with your purchase are as many consultations as needed
directly with 28-year industry veteran and professional coach
Max Bolka regarding the best ways to market and implement
your seminars to help ensure your success.

“Max, I am so thankful for you today. You’ve given me the ‘push’
I needed to continue to pursue what I know to be true. I’ve gotten
more done in the last two weeks than I have in the past two months.
I’m bringing in $3 million per month. All your great advice literally
makes me feel like a money magnet!”
– Dennis Prout,
Prout Financial Design Royal Alliance / Traverse City, MI

Skill Building Audio Links & Webinars
Listen To/Watch At Your Convenience

1) 12 Steps To Building A Great Practice

Listen To This 60-Minute Audio As Max Describes In Depth
The 12 Key Areas Every Financial Advisor Needs To Cultivate
In Order To Take Their Business To The Next Level.
Includes A Live 45-Minute Coaching Session…A $400 Value!



2) The Big 10 Questions Every Client Is Thinking
sssEven If They Don’t Ask

Also Geared Specifically For Financial Advisors:
Learn How To Remove All Uncertainty In Your Client’s Mind.
Your Answers To These Questions Is The Difference Between “
This Sounds Good…Let Me Think About It” and
“This Sounds Good….How Do We Get Started?”
Includes A Live 45-Minute Coaching Session…A $400 Value!


3) Marketing Magic: Getting The Clients
ss You Want And Deserve

Become a marketing genius in only 75 minutes. This downloadable
webinar show you exactly how. Learn how to create a Marketing Plan
that won’t kill you. Have questions or need help implementing?
Includes a live 45-minute coaching session…A $400 Value!


4) Love & Money: It’s Never About The Money

60-Minute Radio Interview.
Drawn from Max’s Couples Communication & Relationship Management.
Plus, a live 45-minute coaching session…A $400 Value!


5) Success Is A State of Mind

Join Max For A 45-Minute “Sermon On Success”
Recorded Live At Unity Church. Inspiring,
With Just The Right Touch Of Humor



6) Love Is The Answer

Need More Love In Your Life? This Heartfelt 45-Minute
“Sermon Of Love” Is Guaranteed To Change Your Outlook
On Life.  Recorded Live At Unity Church.



7) Creating Abundance

60-Minute Radio Interview
Become An Enlightened Entrepreneur Explore A Paradigm Shift
In Consciousness The Future Is Here….Now….Are You Ready?



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