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Max’s Four Most Requested
Keynote Presentations

Building Your Business With Fees…
Regardless Of DOL

The new Fiduciary Rule is really a gift to Financial Advisors, and represents one of the biggest opportunities we’ve seen in the past 30 years. The media has sounded the alarm, and the public has taken notice. The only fiduciary investment advice to retirement accounts that does not require the best interest standard of care is one that uses a “pure level fee” method of compensation. The winds of change are blowing, and the direction has been established.

Learn the strategy and word-for-word scripting for this proven, three-step formula for easily converting to Advisory accounts:

  • Prepare Clients For Change
  • Move Them To An Advisory Platform
  • Justify Your Fee

All without ever mentioning the DOL. No more awkward conversations. No more stress. No more excess paperwork. Advisors all over the country are switching over from .25% trails to 1.00% Advisory Fees, charging fees for Financial Plans and ongoing service, and getting bigger clients who are sitting right in front of them to replace up front commissions. Now is the time to join them and grow your business. This talk shows you how.

How To Add $5+ Million Business Owners
To Your Client List

Over the next 10 years, millions of middle market business owners around the country will want to, or be forced to, leave their business. The only questions are when, how and at what price.

By partnering with a team of credentialed specialists, you can proactively market to this niche with the skills you already have. Become a hero to your business owner client by connecting them to a network of professionals who can show them how to create a “Master Plan” that:

  • Maximizes Unrealized Business Value
  • Blends Business Owner Personal & Business Goals
  • Prepares Both The Business & Owner For
    An Eventual Sale/Transition

Only now, they’ll have far more control and the freedom to leave when, how & for the price they need. Learn all about The Problems, The Process, The Players, The Profits, The Potential and The Plan, as well as how to lead the team.

Preparing For The Next Bear Market:

What To Tell Investors Now

Based on Max’s Bear Market Seminar, this presentation was originally developed after 9/11 and updated after the market meltdown from the financial crisis and recession. This talk is an absolute must for all Financial Advisors. Hear directly from the man Financial Advisors, their clients and the media turn to when they need help calming fear in times of crisis.

Don’t just retain existing clients. Bring in significant amounts of new business from Clients who are not receiving this kind of wisdom from their current Advisor.

Learn how to:

  • Never Have To Fill The Seats Again
  • Masterfully Take Control Of The Room
  • Respectfully Acknowledge Client Fears
  • Avoid The Critical Mistake Of Quoting
    Historical Figures Up Front
  • Make Sense Of The Market, The Economy
    And The State Of The World
  • Restore A Sense Of Rationality To Investing
  • Eliminate Client & Advisor Stress
  • Exude Comfort, Confidence & Control When Crises Hit
  • Stimulate An Entire Room Full Of Prospects
    To Take Action & Come See You For Help

A market decline is the best time to pick up new clients if you know what to say. These talking points should be an integral part of every Advisor’s marketing and client retention plan.

Success Is A State Of Mind

Do your people need “a checkup from the neck up?” Drawn from Max’s Book, this energizing keynote address provides the necessary “mental floss” needed to clear away all the distractions keeping your people from focusing on the essential inner qualities of Success. Learn…

  • Why You Earn What You Do
  • How To Recession Proof Your Mind
  • How To Wake Up Feeling Great Everyday
  • How To Overcome Any Obstacle
  • How To Think Bigger And Accomplish More
    Than You Ever Thought Possible.

It’s not enough to douse yourself with gasoline, you’ve got to set yourself on fire! Start living 200% Success(TM) in business & life. Filled with practical “how to” tips for building the business of your dreams and living life to the fullest.

This is a fun, inspiring, highly interactive motivational talk with lots of takeaways. Finally, a motivational speaker who doesn’t scream.


Check Out These Eight Practical
“How-To” Breakout Sessions

How To Obtain Pre-Qualified Referrals
Who Are Expecting Your Call…Guaranteed

Everyone knows that referrals are the #1 way top Advisors obtain new business. And most clients are more than willing to provide referrals when asked. But most are never asked. Someone is missing the boat! In this critically acclaimed talk, Max teaches a very simple, sincere, non-manipulative and unobtrusive way to ask for referrals that leaves the integrity of all parties intact.  

  • Why The Old Ways Don’t Work
  • How To Feel Comfortable Asking
  • Word-For-Word What To Say
  • Exactly When & Where To Ask For Referrals
  • How To Identify & Train Your Advocates
  • What To Do Once You Get A Referral
  • How To (Graciously) Turn Down Unqualified Business.

It’s free, easy and fun to ask. Best of all, it works…Guaranteed. This talk could easily be the most important hour of your career.

Marketing Magic:
Getting The Clients You Want & Deserve

Many Advisors “dabble” in marketing. Now you can easily upgrade your book using dozens of low cost/no cost marketing including the internet and social media, to get more Clients who are right for you.

Never make another cold call again! No more cold calls, cold mailers or time-sucking social media that drives compliance crazy. In this skill specific presentation, Financial Advisors learn how to:

  • Master The 3 M’s Of Marketing Magic:
    The Market, The Message & The Medium.
  • Define Your Target Market(s)
  • Create Meaningful Ideal Client Profiles
    Going Beyond Income & Occupation.
  • Differentiate Yourself By Answering The Question,
    “Why Should I Hire You?”
  • Select No Cost/Lost Cost Strategies
    From Among 18 Great Ways To Market
  • Develop A Viable Marketing Plan
    With Specific Action Steps & Time Frames

The Big 10 Questions Every Client Is Thinking,
Even If They Don’t Ask

You’ve done your marketing correctly and have a qualified prospect sitting in front of you who is ready, willing and able…Now what? Before any client feels comfortable enough to give you their life’s savings, you must remove all their uncertainty by answering all their questions. The problem is, they don’t always come right out and ask.

In this talk you learn how to:

  • Clearly And Succinctly Articulate What You Do For A Living
  • Easily, Effortlessly And Automatically Build Trust
  • Establish Credibility & Exude Confidence
  • Transcend Objections Before They Arise

Learn not only how to anticipate their questions, but exactly how to develop and present killer, authentic answers that will make your client think you’re a mind reader, keep stress levels down, and create a congenial relationship right from the start.


The Four-Step Initial Client Interview:

Close New Business In Just One Meeting,
In Just One Hour (Really, It’s Possible!)

Systematize your sales process. No more “winging it.” Now you can use a proven track to run on without having to think about it. In this talk, Advisors learn an efficient, effective consultative process that is sincere, respectful and helps build long-term relationships right from the start.

Learn how to:

  • Instantly Qualify Anyone You Meet
  • Easily Ascertain All Of Your Client’s True Concerns
  • Stimulate Genuine And Meaningful Conversation
  • Generate A High Degree Of Comfort & Trust
  • Compete On Levels Other Than Price Or Performance
  • Quote Fees With Confidence
  • Position Yourself As A Professional Advisor
  • Determine And Manage Client Expectations
  • Become The Benchmark For Your Competition

Imagine how great you’ll feel at the end of the interview when, instead of hearing, “This sounds good…Let me think about it.” your prospect says, “This sounds good…How do we get started?”

Building Your Field Of Dreams

In this fast-paced breakout session, Max draws from his 30+ years industry experience and 20+ years of helping Financial Advisors double, triple and 10x their their business. See exactly how over half of Max’s mentoring clients consistently achieve record result by following the path every Advisor must travel, regardless of where you are now in your career.

  • Give Purpose To All Your Activity
  • Develop A Meaningful Mission
  • The Missing Element To Most Business Plans
  • The Keys To Marketing Magic
  • Systematizing Your Sales Process
  • Managing Time, Managing Yourself

If you need a shot in the arm, this talk is overflowing with practical tips for taking your business to the next level.  Become more efficient, and take more time off while earning more money, including adding $100k to your revenue…every single year. It’s a complete practice management guide in 60 minutes.

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

What would you do if you had all the time, money, contacts, energy and resources in the world? What if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would succeed? For those who have been setting goals for years without results, this presentation could not only change your business, but your life. Includes…

  • Defining Success
  • From Goal Setting To Dream Building
  • How To Think BIG!
  • Six Steps To Fulfilling Any Goal
  • The #1 Obstacle To Setting Great Goals
  • How To Create A Vision Of Your Future
  • How To Stay Focused & Enthusiastic
  • What To Do When You Get Stuck

Get your Advisors back on track, focusing on what’s really important. with one of Max’s most popular how-to sessions guaranteed to produce results.


Time-Less Management
For Financial Advisors With No Time

Doing the same things you’ve always done, just faster or better, won’t make the quantum leaps in your business you’re looking for. You’ve got to do things differently. Most time management systems focus on how to cram more activity into this limited amount of time. But true abundance includes a feeling of ease around time.

We’re all busy 24/7/36, but that’s all we’re given. How are you spending yours? In this presentation, Advisors learn how to:

  • Structure Their Time For Maximum
    Productivity And Least Amount Of Stress
  • Handle Those 1,000 Daily Interruptions
  • Implement A One-Minute To Do System
  • Effortlessly Manage Phone, Email & Staff
  • Have Unlimited Energy

Advisors walk away with a plan they can immediately use to increase productivity. What will you do with all that time you’re going to save?


Meditate Your Way To Less Stress, More Success

Stress management is on everyone’s mind these days, and scientists are starting to verify the benefits of ancient stress-reducing techniques such as meditation. For over 30 years, Max has studied, practiced and taught meditation, including to many Financial Advisors at their National Conference.

Clearing your mind for 15-20 minutes twice a day  leaves you feeling refreshed, like you just got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. By releasing stress from your mind and body, your activity becomes more dynamic, focused and productive.

In this talk, Max shows Advisors:

  • What Meditation Is And Isn’t
  • A Modern Definition Of A 5,000-Year Old Technology
  • The Latest Research On Meditation
  • Immediate & Long-Term Benefits
  • What Happens When You Meditate?
  • Who’s Meditating? You Might Be Surprised!
  • A Simple Technique For Meditating

Included in this session is a group meditation, where Advisors can experience immediate benefits in the session. Ample Q&A time allows for discussion of the mechanics of where, when and how to gain maximum advantage and success.


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