Master Planning For Business Owners
Associate Advisor Training Program

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Attract And Retain Business Owner Clients
By Collaborating With A Team Of Credentialed Specialists

How Much Do You Want To Grow Your Business?
How Fast Do You Want To Grow It?…We’ll Take You There!

The Concept

This program is designed to give Advisors the complete training necessary to help attract or retain middle market business owners by partnering with us to offer Master Planning. Learn how to identify potential candidates, approach the subject matter, engage potential candidates in meaningful conversation, develop relationships and ultimately bring business owners to the table.

We close the business for you and provide the technical expertise to walk business owners through some of the most important decisions they will ever face: What to do with their business as they grow older?  Keep it and grow? Prepare for an eventual transition? How do they evaluate, plan for and implement their options?

The Market

Over 20 million owners need to decide what to do with their business over the next 10 years. This represents “The $10 Trillion Opportunity” as these enterprises are sold or transferred. The U.S. is in the middle of the largest wealth transfer in history, yet the inter-generational wealth transfer failure rate is an abysmal 90%. We have a unique opportunity to serve these Business Owners, and a system in place to help them define and achieve their highest goals.

Master Planning

More than just an Estate Plan, Succession Plan or even an Exit Plan, Master Planning For Business Owners (MPFBO) is a comprehensive process that blends an owner’s business & personal goals and values into a single plan, giving them increased choices, control, financial freedom and peace of mind. It addresses the business, personal, legal, financial and tax aspects of preparing the business, the business owner, their family and top management for an eventual transition.

Our process is designed to enable clients to accomplish three main objectives:

1. Enhance the unrealized value of the business.

2. Sell or transfer the business up to 99% Tax-Free,
including up to 80 cents/dollar income tax deduction.

3. Invest the proceeds and pay a management fee
only when their account increases in value.

Our Team

Our team consists of credentialed specialists, each of whom have over 30 years’ experience in their respective fields, including: A Tax & Estate Planning Attorney, a Business Succession Planner, a Wealth & Legacy Planner, an Investment Manager, an Insurance Planner and a Business Valuation firm. Other specialists are brought in as needed. At least one Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA™) is involved in each case. Because Master Planning is a multi-disciplinary approach, we work with the client’s local accountant, attorney and other professionals on behalf of the client.

Come Partner With Us

This program is appropriate for any Advisor associated with the financial services or business consulting industry whose goal is to expand their practice through a collaborative effort, by associating with a team possessing complementary skills. Participants include: Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, Insurance Agents, Estate Planning Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers, Business Lenders, Commercial Real Estate Lenders, as well as Business Valuation firms and Business Brokers.

In all cases your client remains your client. You outsource the design and implementation of the Master Plan to our team as you would refer any other professionals, while you maintain control of the client relationship.

Benefits Of Offering Master Planning

Scale Your Core Business
Maximize Your Productivity
Differentiate Yourself And Gain A Competitive Advantage
Extend, Deepen & Strengthen Client Relationships
Build Your Professional & Client Referral Network
Help Mitigate The 90%+ Wealth Transfer Failure Rate
Become A Hero To Your Client

The Program

Over a period of 90 days, you learn everything you need to partner with us:

Marketing Strategies – In addition to any existing business owner clients, you learn where to find new potential candidates for Master Planning, and how to reach them using over a dozen low cost/no cost marketing methods.

Sales System – A step-by-step process to identify, qualify and engage potential clients. Use our proprietary “Sit, Stand, Walk, Run System™” to keep clients educated, involved and moving forward. Then, we close the business for you.

Sales Tools

Webinars: We offer live primary webinars to help educate your client, presenting webinars on your behalf, with you online. We  also offer recorded third party webinars as additional educational materials on various aspects of MPFBO.

Articles: Primary & Third Party artcles for your own benefit, as well as to forward to potential clients, keeping everyone engaged throughout the educational process.

Emails: Sequenced Email Templates – Designed to nurture potential business owner client relationships.

Scripting: Use our proven multiple scripts…

Opening Conversation Script – Contains sincere, thought-provoking questions. Learn when, why and how to open up a dialogue around MPFBO. This script is designed to stimulate interest and qualify potential candidates.

Setting The Stage Script – Provides further discovery questions and talking points to develop the conversation. The objective of all scripts is to get qualified candidates to agree to an initial consultation with you and our MPFBO team members.

Training & Support

Live Bi-weekly Training Sessions – Individual calls via WebEx to enhance your understanding and ensure your comfort level with all materials. Unlimited phone and email support in-between calls continues building your knowledge, competence and confidence.

Post Training Support

At the end of your 90-day training, you have the option to continue receiving additional support at no extra charge. We’re here for you and we want you to succeed. We continue to close cases for you for as long as you want.

Let’s Talk

If you are interested in learning more about what Master Planning For Business Owners is, and our Associate Advisor Training program, please call or email to schedule a 15-20 minute “Get Acquainted Call” so I can find out little more about your situation, discuss how MPFBO can grow your core business, produce significant income and help you, “Take It To THE MAX!”

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