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Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen & Deepak Chopra In This Exceptional Anthology That Teaches You How To Cultivate A Successful State Of Mind

Learn How To Live 200% Success™ In Life
These authors, along with 10 others, share their secrets and reveal remarkable insights into how to dream big and use the power of your mind and spirit to achieve what up to now you may have never thought possible. Filled with practical how-to advice, memorable stories and tips, this collection of first-class interviews will literally “Recession Proof” your mind.

“Fabulous book!…Too often self help books venture into less than practical tool building. With shorter interviews, these authors present their ideas in a useable and concise manner.”
Ed Wilmont, Sustainable Greenville
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Success Is NOT A Common Experience
To achieve superior results you must be willing to do something different.  But before you can act different, you must think different. This book shows you how to be, think and act powerfully.

“After less than 30 days of using the principles in this book, I’ve already met my goals for the month,
and it’s only January 15th!”

– Julie Eggers, First Citizens Bank

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Learn To Be Extraordinary By Following The Success Of Others
It’s All Right Here…Over 300 Pages Worth Of Valuable “How-To” Advice

“I have experienced a much needed energy shift. I quit smoking yesterday!
This is the first time in a long time that I have set a goal for myself instead
of just being bounced along between the river banks of life!”
– Diane Bagwell (Note: Two years later, Diane is still smoke free!)

In Just One Chapter Of This Boundary Breaking Book You’ll Learn How To:

Live 200% Success™ In Life
Recession Proof Your Mind

Turn Crises Into Opportunities

Opt Out Of The Current Recession

Use Your Thoughts To Create Energy

Feel Great And Be Inspired Everyday

Define And Achieve Your Highest Goals

Exert Less Effort While Accomplishing More
Tap Into The 85% Unused Portion Of Your Brain
Implement A Simple 4-Step Formula For Success
Give Up Struggling, Find Your Purpose & Destiny
Overcome Any Obstacle By Changing Your Thinking
Change Your Perceptions, Interpretations And Results

Now You Have No More Excuses
Become A Money Magnet Today, And Start Feeling Good Again!

“It’s hard to put into words what happened, except to say, I finally get it!
I fully understand how my middle class mind-set has been keeping me
from my full potential, how to break that mind-set. I’ve always known this
in my head, but now it has encompassed my whole being.

I wish you could witness how rapidly my world is changing, almost by
the minute, as doors are opening and circumstances are shifting.
My relationships with others has changed in a wonderful, loving way.”
Beth Hitesman

What About YOU?
Are You Ready To Accept More Joy,
More Abundance And More Success In Your Life?

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Here’s To YOUR Continued $uccess!

…Take It To “THE MAX!”

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