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“The Keeper Of The Keys” is a hilarious and uplifting personal development film, chock full of wisdom.

It stars celebrities Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul), Marci Shimoff (Happy For No Reason),
Dr. John Gray, PhD. (Men Are From Mars, Women
Are From Venus
), and a cast of 15 other experts, including Max Bolka (Success Is A State Of Mind).

Adorable Michael Walden (Scott Cervine) is down
on his luck. What he doesn’t know is that things are about to go from bad to worse. Just when he’s about to lose it all, success guru Jack Canfield appears on his television and starts talking directly to him!

In this entertaining and inspiring cross between
The Secret
meets A Christmas Carol, the real fun begins as Jack and his gang descend upon Michael.

“I’m going to send some friends to you,” warns Jack, “They’re going to show you how to use The Keys.” Watch as a reluctant Michael first becomes engaged and then empowered, as he learns how to begin using The Keys to take back control of his life and achieve the ultimate success.


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“The Keeper of The Keys is the most innovative and entertaining film of its kind ever made.
Wildly original, howlingly funny, fast-paced, and utterly delightful in every way, the film is truly
a gift to the world. True to its promise, the film takes ‘the hell out of self-help’ and is the new
gold standard in its genre. You will learn, laugh, and clap your hands with joy!”

– Stephen Simon
Co-founder: The Spiritual Cinema Circle
Producer: Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come
Producer/Director: Conversations with God, Indigo

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