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What are great Financial Advisors doing to stay on top of their game? They’re hiring professional practice management coaches with credible experience to help ensure their success. We’ve all used them, myself included.

Why reinvent the wheel? Hire someone who’s been there, done that. If you’re serious about your success, find someone who has what you want and hire them to teach you. In exchange, you receive an irrevocable commitment to help you formulate and achieve your highest goals from someone who can personally walk you down the path to success.

Six Reasons Why Financial Advisors Hire Max

You Get Max When you hire Max, you get Max! Often when you sign up with a coaching program, you end up with someone else who has been trained by the founder, who acts solely as a figurehead. Your coach may have less experience than you do, perhaps having just finished training a short while ago, and cannot give you the in-depth, results oriented answers you need based on real world experience. What Max promises, Max delivers. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these Rave Mentoring Testimonials from other Financial Advisors.

Marketing Muscle – Create a system for bringing in a steady stream of new Clients.  Learn how to instantly qualify them using a simple, sincere sales system. Max teaches you how to creatively and efficiently market your services in ways you’ve never dreamed of…All with low cost/no cost marketing. (IE: He doesn’t charge you his fee and then tell you to go spend $5,000 on cold mailing.) Learn one of Max’s strategies that Financial Planning Magazine hailed as the #1 Marketing Tip.

No Contracts Because we believe that results count, there are no contracts with Max’s Mentoring Program. It’s strictly pay as you go. With several payment plans available, there are no more excuses for any Financial Advisor who wants to, “Take It To THE MAX!”

Comprehensive It takes more than sales and marketing to build a great business. Max’s program covers all aspects of practice management, from goal setting and developing a meaningful mission, to business & strategic planning, all aspects of sales & marketing, time and stress management, staffing and compensation, technology as well as the future of the Financial Services Industry. Everything you need to build a business that works for you as well as your clients.

Experience33 years experience serving a nationwide financial planning & investment clientele. Not just another industry consultant, Max ran a practice just like you. He has been out there on the front lines, facing the exact same challenges that you face every day. Many consultants (particularly those in the area of practice management) have absolutely no idea what we do for a living. Max has had plenty of “face time” with clients, and imparts word-for-word what to say or do in any situation. He can go as broad or as deep as you want. He’s seen it all: From changing broker dealers or going out on your own, to how to avoid losing  your first lawsuit. Ask Max for his “101 Point Checklist” of what he can do for you!

Commitment You will find Max is as committed to your success as you are, sometimes more so! Rather than just give you information packets and cut you loose, Max walks you through step-by-step in each session. Together you design and implement a customized business plan & marketing strategies that ensure your success, suitable for your strengths, your area of expertise, and the type of clients you want to attract.

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