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The enormous power of words. We use them everyday to speak, write and communicate. We also use them to persuade others to take action. But most Financial Advisors have formal technical training. Max puts his outstanding communication skills to work for clients by helping them create letters, articles, brochures, advertisements and website copy.

Max’s writing style is refreshingly direct and easy to read. He says what you want in a way that caters to your particular audience, spurring them on to action! He shows you how to create uniqueness in both style and substance, capturing both your reader’s head and heart.

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“Congratulations…Your article yesterday broke the sound barrier!
It received over 5,000 hits, and is the top article for the week.”

 – Horsesmouth.com(Subscription Based Web Site)

“You were a big help with the engagement letter coaching last week.
The client with the substantial assets (whose expectations I managed as you advised)
sent me her deposit today! Thanks again!”

-Mark E. Reich, CFP ®, CPA/PFS (Fee-Only Planner) / NYC

“We printed the brochure and were extremely pleased.
I am amazed how you have made it say so much,
with so few words, in so little space!

I especially can appreciate this accomplishment,
since I know how many pages I sent you to sift through.

 Gourmet chefs use a technique called “reducing.”
This involves boiling a sauce down, usually reducing it by half,
thereby leaving the most flavorful elements in a very small portion.
You have done that with my brochure… Thank You!”

– Ann Dotson, CFP ®,  AIF ®
Retirement Resources Management / Nashville, TN

“Thank you for the article from your library.
You saved me at least a day of labor by not having to do it myself.”

– Jim Cannon, PFS, CMA
Cannon Financial / Cookeville, TN

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