Finally…A Practice Management
And Motivational Speaker
Who Doesn’t Scream


“Max Bolka has that rare ability to slice through the extraneous
and deal perceptively with the central issues.
He has a gift for expressing himself incisively,
both orally and on in writing.”
-Jack Swanson, The Arizona Republic


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For 30 years, professional keynote speaker, author and mentor Max Bolka has been speaking (some say non-stop) on Finance, Business and Success, “Building First-Class Financial Advisors” with both inspirational and skill building specific talks in all areas of practice management.

Max’s insightful analysis, clean energy and practical applications have inspired audiences of all kinds…”from India to Indiana”. Max’s style is passionate, yet relaxed and sincere. His entertaining style and lack of ego allows audiences to feel comfortable right from the start.

Many speakers give you more tools to put in your box. Some even succeed in helping you,
“think outside the box.” Max helps you get rid of the box altogether, challenging your belief systems, exploring where thoughts come from, and teaching you how to operate from a deeper, more effective level of functioning, leading to superior success.

Perhaps his strongest platform skill is his humor, timing and quick wit. Audiences love when the unexpected happens, and Max handles it like a true professional. If you’re looking for a speaker who can connect with and expand your people’s heads, hearts and bottom line, then you’re ready to…

Take It To “THE MAX!”


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