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How Much Do You Want To Grow Your Business?
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Attract And Retain Wealthy Families As Clients
By Adding Comprehensive Legacy Planning To Your Practice

I’ll Show You How…With Minimal Time & Cost

The Problem: 90% Failure Rate

According to Roy Williams in his book, For Love & Money, despite having an Estate Plan, over 90% of all multi-generational wealth transfers fail by the time the assets reach the third generation, the wealth creator’s grandchildren. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the very survival of the overwhelming majority of America’s family legacies are in jeopardy.

In a recent Morningstar survey, when boomers were provided with five assets they could transfer to the next generation, but could only select one, over 75% of them chose “core values and life lessons” to pass on, while only 12% chose “traditional family wealth” such as financial assets. And finally, according to a Mindscape survey, over 60% of respondents rated “legacy development” as the top advice they needed.

These primary concerns of higher net worth families are not being addressed by their current Financial Advisor. By doing so, you can differentiate yourself from the competition, increase your core business income and its value, solidify relationships and position yourself as your client’s “Advisor to Advisors”.

The Solution – Comprehensive Legacy Planning

Legacy planning, in the broadest sense, means leaving what you want, to whom you want, when you want, with a minimum taxes and maximum control. But what about your client’s non-financial assets?

Operating under the assumption that total wealth consists of more than simply one’s net worth, Comprehensive Legacy Planning (CLP) goes beyond a client’s finances, to help them clearly define, communicate, implement and perpetuate their total wealth, including their non-financial assets.

These “more than money” assets include: Core values, family traditions, family unity, family legacy, philanthropic goals, beneficiary preparedness, and the wisdom gathered over a lifetime of experience.

You gain a competitive advantage with which to attract and retain larger clients by offering a unique form of  Multi-Generational Wealth Planning that higher net worth clients say they need.

The Way To Capture More Business Today
Is To Show Clients How To Create A Plan
To Perpetuate Their Total Wealth Tomorrow

System Overview

In today’s world it’s highly probable that family members will be spread out geographically. The CLP platform utilizes the latest web-based technology, so that you, me, your clients, their heirs and other advisors can live anywhere in the country and still communicate efficiently and effectively.

This 100% web-based platform helps build trust, open honest dialogue and clarify each family member’s expectations, fostering inclusive communications from the beginning, resulting in increased family unity, which is one of the program’s goals.

Here’s an overview of the Comprehensive Legacy Planning Multi-Generational Wealth Planning System:

1. Simple Online Assessment
Objectively Determines The Need For CLP With Easy To Read Results

2. Integrated Dashboard
For Easy Organization, Communication & Implementation

3. Series Of Client Exercises
Each Which Can Be Completed In 30 Minutes Or Less

4. 25 Distinct Client Deliverables
Legacy Development, Impact Integration, Philanthropy
Family Mission, Unity, Communication & Governance
Preparing Beneficiaries & Incentivizing Positive Behavior
Experiences Of Value & Wisdom…And More

5. Complete System For Tracking Client Progress
Promotes Accountability & Motivation

6. Digital Vault & Journal
Allows Secure, Seamless Communication
Both Among Family Members & With Advisors

CLP Benefits To Clients

Help clients protect their financial assets and leave a lasting legacy by passing along their values as well as their valuables. A Comprehensive Legacy Plan helps clients:

  • Promote direct, sincere, meaningful and inclusive family communication.
  • Encourage and enhance family unity.
  • Add or strengthen formal family governance.
  • Improve existing financial, retirement, investment, estate and succession plans.
  • Expand and reinforce asset protection.
  • Clarify philanthropic goals.
  • Increase the structure, direction and meaningful content of family meetings.
  • Incentivize positive behavior among beneficiaries.
  • Reduce resentment and promote unity among family members.
  • Prepare beneficiaries to become good stewards
  • Encourage responsible entrepreneurship.
  • Increase meaningful communication among beneficiaries and trusted advisors.
  • Pass along life lessons, messages, advice, experiences of value and accumulated wisdom.
  • Realize a deeper awareness and possibilities of one’s family legacy and how to perpetuate it.
  • Help mitigate the 90%+ inter-generational wealth transfer failure rate.

CLP Benefits To Advisors

In addition to differentiating yourself from competitors, Comprehensive Legacy Planning helps you:

  • Scale your business.
  • Maximize your productivity.
  • Build your professional and client referral network.
  • Expand the scope, depth and length of existing family relationships.
  • Market to existing warm relationships as well as new prospects & COIs.
  • “Move upstream” quicker, gaining significantly higher net worth clients.
  • Increase your core business without any disruption.
  • Increase both one time and recurring revenues.
  • Increase financial planning, insurance, asset management, legal and accounting fees.

The Legacy Apprenticeship Program

The Comprehensive Legacy Apprenticeship Program is a complete system designed to teach you everything you need to offer and deliver Comprehensive Legacy Planning to both existing and potential clients, as well as COIs, with two options for adding CLP to your core services.

Option A:

Get personally trained on all aspects of the marketing, sales, creation and delivery of CLPs, so you or your team can offer this service in-house. Learn how to identify potential candidates, approach the subject matter, engage potential candidates in meaningful conversation, develop relationships, price out your services, and ultimately close the business and successfully deliver plans.

Option B:

Alternatively, you can outsource the entire process, in which case me and my team do the heavy lifting for you by closing the business and creating the non-financial portion of the CLP for you and your client, while you maintain control of all relationships. We do the work, you get the credit.

You provide the financial plan, retirement plan, etc. as you normally would. We create a plan for all the client’s non-financial assets. Together we provide a Comprehensive Legacy Plan to your client.

In all cases, the client remains your client. I am simply positioned as an associate who adds value to your client’s total well-being, just as you would introduce any Accountant, Attorney, etc.


Over a period of 90 days, you learn everything you need to offer and deliver CLP via live bi-weekly WebEx training sessions to enhance your understanding and ensure your comfort level with all materials. Unlimited phone and email support in-between calls builds your competence and confidence.

Platform TrainingFull training on the web based platform. Just follow along and walk clients through each step. The system does most of the work for you.

Marketing Strategies  – In addition to your existing top clients, you learn where to find new candidates for Comprehensive Legacy Planning. I show you how to reach them and implement, selecting from over a dozen low cost/no cost marketing methods.

Sales System – Learn the same step-by-step process I teach Advisors every day in my mentoring program to identify and qualify potential clients. I help you keep clients engaged and moving forward throughout the educational process. And finally, you learn how to close new business efficiently.

Sales Tools

Free Online Assessment: Learn how to easily apply and interpret the online assessment which graphically and convincingly illustrates the degree to which a Comprehensive Legacy Plan may benefit your client.

Webinars: Primary and third-party webinars to help educate both you, your client and their other trusted Advisors. I present webinars on your behalf with you online.

Articles: Both Primary & Third Party – For your own education, as well as to forward to potential clients and COIs.

Emails: Sequenced Email Templates – Designed to nurture new potential client relationships.

Scripting: Use our proven multiple scripts…

Opening Conversation Script – Contains sincere, thought-provoking questions. Learn when, why and how to open up a dialogue around CLP. This script is designed to stimulate interest and qualify potential candidates.

Setting The Stage Script – Provides further discovery questions and talking points to develop the conversation. The objective of all scripts is to get qualified candidates to agree to an initial consultation with you (and me, if you’re outsourcing your CLP to us).

Ongoing Support

At the end of your 90-day training, you have the option to continue receiving additional support at no extra charge. We’re here for you and we want you to succeed. We even continue to close as many case as you want, for you for as long as you want.

Become A Hero

The demographics are in your favor. The largest wealth transfer in our country’s history is under way. Clients are telling us they want this service. Your competitors have not figured this out yet. The opportunity is now and it’s easy to get started. I’ve got the tools, the techniques, the system and the scripts and personally guide you each step along the way. I even close the business for you.

Help your clients avoid the 90% Inter-generational wealth transfer failure rate. Instead help them define, communicate, implement and preserve their TOTAL wealth for many generations to come.

Let’s Talk

If you are interested in learning more about what Comprehensive Legacy Planning  is, and our Legacy Apprenticeship Program, please call or email to schedule a 15-20 minute “Get Acquainted Call” so I can find out little more about your situation, discuss how Comprehensive Legacy Planning can grow your core business and help you, “Take It To THE MAX!”

“Don’t Just Leave An Inheritance,
Leave A Legacy!”

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