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“Take It To THE MAX!”

Increase Your Level Of Both
Professionalism & Profits

Let 33-year industry veteran, keynote speaker, author, consultant trainer and mentor Max Bolka personally walk you down the path to higher levels of both professionalism and profits, as he teaches you how to think bigger and accomplish more than you may have ever thought possible, resulting in “Less Stress, More Success!”

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Build First-Class Financial Advisors Who Achieve Their Highest Goals
By Increasing Their Level Of Professionalism As Well As Profits

What Is A First-Class Financial Advisor?

A First-Class Financial Advisor enjoys “200% Success” in both business and in life…
100% outer achievement along with 100% inner fulfillment. They build businesses that work for themselves as well as their clients. They have well defined, meaningful missions which accurately express what they do, who they do it for, and what they contribute to society.  They seek to infuse their day-to-day activities with significance and a sense of something greater than themselves.

First-Class Financial Advisors enjoy their relationships with clients, realizing they spend
just as much time with their professional relationships as they do with family and friends.
Every client is an “A” client. Every client receives “A” level service. And a First-Class Financial Advisor collects all “A” level fees.

They are also true Contrarians. They’re not afraid to think big, while, recession proofing their minds. They seek both freedom and security. They are inner directed, getting their sense of self worth from who they are and how they serve others. If outside validation is needed, they ask another member of “The 2% Club”, someone who supports their dream.

First-Class Financial Advisors exhibit an Abundance Mentality and are generous of heart and spirit. They believe the Universe is infinite, that money is an energy to be attracted, transformed and used for higher purposes.  They always meet others on the level of giving.

First-Class Financial Advisors are courageous! They are not afraid to go deep, to do the “inner work” required to continually grow themselves as well as their income and service to others, increasingly aligning their values with action along the way. They exude a high level of passion, enthusiasm and commitment. In short, they love what they do.

If you would like to explore becoming a First-Class Financial Advisor, I invite you to come join us,
take home at least $300,000 a year, and make a positive impact in your life and the lives
of your clients.